Welcome, Mezzanine!

DSC_0003Mezzanine the Thoroughbred was born December 16, 2014, a few months ahead of her due date. Through the dedication of her owners and determination of her vet, Mezzy pulled through and continued to thrive. Although she possesses some very impressive bloodlines, due to her health, Mezzy’s owners decided not to pursue her racing career. Instead, they looked for a home where she would be loved even if she can never be ridden. Although it is our hope that Mezzy will outgrow her condition, TheraPony is committed to this baby regardless of what her future hold. One thing for sure: that future includes no racing and no babies.

Mezzy and Maven have their very own Facebook page Two Worlds, One Family where you can follow their daily lives and adventures.

Welcome, Bevan

BevanHe was placed “free to good home” for his 18th birthday and found himself looking for a new home when he went lame three months later. The pasture living, as wonderful as it sounds, was not the right place for this timid boy. In six months he spent in pasture, he lost weight and was picked on by other horses. So faced with the possibility of watching this boy load up and head back to pasture with undiagnosed lameness, we reached out to our friends and our community and bought Bevan some time. We were really hoping for a home that would not care if Bevan was ridable as his personality is truly golden. Unfortunately, the only offers Bevan got were “I can take him when you know if he is ridable” and “he is very cute, let me know when he can be ridden” And finally, with the deadline fast approaching, a text saying “if you want to save him, take ownership, if not, he’ll leave” So Bevan packed his bags, said good-bye to his horsey neighbors, and on August 30 moved to a new stall, as an official TheraPony horse! Bevan is receiving treatments for his lameness and is enjoying the love and attention of little kids who surround him daily. His puppy-dog personality and signature tongue-hanging make him a favorite with visitors. Check out our Facebook page for more pictures and videos of Bevan and all his brothers and sisters at TheraPony