Welcome home, El Chapo and Dominic

In the hustle and bustle of the move and setting up our new facility, we almost forgot to introduce the two boys who joined us the the last two months of 2015.

12244379_937769052926522_3285220796524732940_oMeet El Chapo and 8 year old OTTB, Chappy for short. Chappy was rescued from auction in 2014 as a stallion with a blown up knee. While we were not the rescue that pulled him, we helped connect them with his track owner and he promptly bought Chappy back.

A year later, now a gelding and with a new owner, Chappy found himself looking for a home once more. While neither the rescue that found him at auction nor TheraPony are responsible for him (he was bought by his former owner, not under rescue contract), we felt that since we had a hand in saving him once, we are not going to let him fall though the cracks again. This horse needed someone to be his safety net from here on out. He is now a TheraPony horse. Whatever the future brings, Chappy will always have a home here

What started our as “he can go straight to the trainer, get trail miles and find a home” turned into Chappy being a permanent resident of TheraPony. Chappy’s swollen knee, at 8 years old, is not just cosmetic. His joint has deteriorated over the last few years since his injury in 2010. We are glad we said yes to Chappy, he definitely should not be ridden ever again or go from home to home. There is no reversing the damage done to Chappy’s joint. All we can do going forward is provide the best care possible to extend his quality of life.


12346377_945221168847977_4726338590147562763_nMeet Dominic. He is a 30ish year old gelding who found himself in need of a new home or facing a grim end. The truck was literally coming for this one and he only had days left on his deadline.

Dominic wasn’t purchased from a feedlot, lingered in quarantine, and carted cross country costing thousands. He was literally around the corner.

The oxymoron in this situation is that while never abused or neglected and much loved by their families, horses like Dominic are regarded as farm animals, and slaughter is an acceptable end for them. Just think of them as any FFA animal raised with love knowing that they will be sold by the lb. and being ok with it. His owners are not heartless people, they put down an older horse when it was time and knew Dominic would not do well alone. This is, however, the country and killing a fat seemingly healthy horse and burying him in your back yard is considered a waste. They were grateful the rescue was able to offer him a spot and we are grateful for the opportunity to intercept this horse without having the extra costs of bail, quarantine, and transport.

In life, you always have two choices: do something or do nothing. In this case, doing nothing meant watching a horse at best head to auction and at worst, straight to Mexico. Dominic is now a TheraPony horse.


Eat out, help horses

Rubios fundraiserUPDATE: We just got a check for $91.67 from this fundraiser!

In the past we have asked you to skip a dinner out and help the horses instead. Then, we came up with a better idea: go out to eat AND help horses! We are having our very first Rubio’s Fundraiser on December 6th at 1664 Main Street, Ramona, CA 92065  Stop by any time between 11 am and 9pm and show this flyer (either printed or on your phone) and 20% of your purchase will go to TheraPony. Invite all your friends out to lunch or order catering for a party (make sure to call and mention the fundraiser a few days before), and you will help feed our herd as well. Not local but would like to help? Click “donate” button on this page to send a tax-deductible donation directly to TheraPony. The horses thank you.

On the Road Again

IMG_2330It has been two whole years since our last move and we are packing up and heading out once again. This time we are off to Ramona, CA with 8 horses in tow. The property we are relocating to has not only room for all our horses but also our whole family! We will be living in a tiny house, but we will be waking up every morning to these beautiful faces. This move is not cheap, but what we feared would be a $10,000 project is actually coming out to be only about $5,000. We still need help covering the moving costs and there is a GoFundMe page set up. Please stop by there, share it with your friends, and help us reach our goal if you can. No amount is too small and is greatly appreciated.