Happy 1st Birthday, Maven the Mustang

IMG_1528.PNGMaven the Mustang is turning one and we are celebrating!  Join us Sunday, April 24, 2016 10-6 as we host ASPCA’s 150th Anniversary Help A Horse Day by celebrating Maven the Mustang’s 1st birthday with family fun, demonstrations by equine professionals, and adoptable horses from Bar Double 9 rescue. Click here for more information and to RSVP. #HelpAHorse

Four Years and Counting

IMG_4378It has been four years since a little girl’s dream of having a horse of her very own came true. The horse, as it turned out, was also dreaming of a girl of her very own. Together they have learned and grown so much. Their accomplishments are not measured in ribbons, of which they have a few, but in the difference they have made in the lives of many other horses. Today, TheraPony is a tiny but mighty organization, dedicated to helping horses in need and allowing even the youngest volunteers to contribute their time and skills. When you see TheraPony horses, you see happy, healthy, well rounded, loving animals. There are no sad stories here, only happy endings. As for the very special girl and her very special horse, they continue to grow together, taking on new challenges with open arms and open hearts.

Horses for Lease?

Would you like a pony for Christmas? If your child has been asking for a pony, but your finances cannot support a 1,000lb pet, or your horse experience so far has been pony rides at the pumpkin patch, then leasing a horse is a great option and first step. Ok, well, not really the FIRST step, more like the second one… FIRST step should be taking at least a handful of introductory lessons. You can also do that with your “very own” pony. Leasing teaches children responsibility and accountability. While every little girl wants a pony, not many picture cleaning up, grooming, and feeding as part of the “fun”. Add to that tack and stall maintenance, scrubbing buckets and blankets, and showing up in the rain to take care of your horse, and you can pretty quickly come to a realization that a horse is literally a TON of work! A lease allows you to introduce your child to the joys of ownership without the long-term commitment.

Now several of you have asked WHY we, as a rescue, lease our horses. First, we are not leasing them out for any strenuous work. We are looking for families with kids, or very kind, light weight adults, to lease our horses. They so enjoy a trail walk or a run in the arena followed by a treat, and of course, human company as well. While the horses are regularly turned out, they still spend a significant amount of time in their stalls, making for some bored horses.  A lease allows them more time out of their stalls, individual attention, and a little help with our feed bill. We have turned away people who we feel is not the right fit, and are not afraid to pull out the scale for the weight limit. Be assured that everything we do is in the best interest of the horses and with the approval of their veterinarian and farrier. And it allows little girls to make a difference in an animal’s life and to have a pony of their “very own”