Founded by a very special girl and her very special horse.

501c3 non-profit organization. Your donations are tax-deductible.FederalTax I.D.# 80-0839845

OUR MISSION: To rescue and rehabilitate sick and abused horses and to allow every person an opportunity to love a horse, while allowing every horse an opportunity to be loved.

TheraPony started in 2010 when Anika, then eleven years old, saved up her money and bought Zoey, a shy bay mare who was not a very good lesson horse. Shortly after, Suzi the pony was looking for a home after retiring from a local riding school. Since then, many other horses have joined the TheraPony family. All have had various degrees of medical or emotional problems, from nipping and lameness to severe abuse. On June 27th, 2012, TheraPony was incorporated as a not-for-profit horse rescue and sanctuary and became a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Our mission is to rescue and rehabilitate sick and abused horses and to allow every person an opportunity to love a horse while allowing every horse an opportunity to be loved. TheraPony is primarily a sanctuary for older horses or those with physical or emotional issues. Occasionally a horse that can be rehabilitated to full health is put up for adoption, but most are life-time residents. The horses do not “work” but children of all ages and adults with disabilities are welcomed into our volunteer program where they learn occupational and leadership skills along with social awareness and responsibility by caring for those who can’t care for themselves.

We are committed to providing the most loving and caring environment for every animal in our care as well as the best in veterinary and hoof care. Although most physical wounds can be timely mended, emotional ones take much longer to heal. We are also committed to allow everyone to have an experience with a horse, even the youngest members of our community are able to contribute. Our recycling program was initiated last year by our younger volunteers and has raised over $300! The children can actually see their efforts pay off through every can they put aside for the horses while also helping the environment. Even those not old enough to be hands on with the horses have donated their time working along side their parents scooping stalls and mixing buckets. Our story simply goes like this: Anika was too young to volunteer at any of our local rescues, but she wanted to help the horses and to learn from them. And TheraPony was born.

TheraPony is a non-profit organization. Most of our funding comes from dear friends and family who saw the need for what we do and who encourage and support a young girl’s dream of helping animals and her community. We are actively seeking community support and sponsorship from local businesses and individuals. Every dollar counts and every minute matters. Your gift of any amount will be met with great appreciation and a humble ‘Thank You’

FederalTax I.D.# 80-0839845

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