Welcome Home, Annie Bananie Mae

DSC_0038Annie Mae is a lovely 16 year old mare who had a wonderful loving family that was faced with a very difficult decision to make. At the end of January, Annie was attacked by one of their rescued dogs with anxiety issues. Her family did all the right things, called the vet right away, started treatment and continued to treat her wounds and infection. Unfortunately, a tiny bite on the back leg developed into a nasty tendon sheath infection resistant to most antibiotics. After two months of treatment, the family simply ran out of funds for what needed to be done next. They also lacked the time Annie’s continued care required. They made the difficult decision to let Annie Mae go. There was no time to spare in Annie’s treatment. She arrived Monday night and started aggressive treatment Tuesday morning. A week later, Annie took a trip to San Luis Rey Equine Hospital for a life-saving surgery. Dr. Jessica Stokes and the vets at SLREH along with you, our village, are true heroes to Annie Mae. Three weeks later, we are very optimistic about her prognosis. It is with greatest joy that we officially introduce the newest member of TheraPony family, Annie (Bananie) Mae.