Happy Birthday, Bevan!

1781971_10153049252819467_8339896194504744952_nNothing makes a rescuer happier than to hear how wonderful one of our horses is doing and how much he is loved by his foster family. Except when we hear it from the stable neighbor. A completely unbiased person stopped us to say “I’ve never seen this horse happier” on our recent visit to Huntington Central Park Equestrian Center and instantly reminded us why we put so much sweat, blood, and tears, along with our savings and any kind of “personal” life into these horses.
Bevan (Always Crowded) has had ups and downs in his life, but there are no sob stories here at TheraPony, only happy endings. And this great-grandson of the great Secretariat and son of Sunshine Forever is celebrating his 20th birthday in style, surrounded by “his” family, with a little girl who is madly in love with him, and without a care in the world. He has never been happier.
Happy Birthday, Bevan!


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