Happy New Year!

IMG_5001Looking back on 2014, we have literally and figuratively come a long way. Our little rescue took some pretty big leaps of faith, moving 100 miles away to allow horses more space, taking on 4 new cases, and becoming an official 501c3 organization. Along the way, we have made new friends, said good bye to two special horses, and helped several others find a home. It has been our joy and privilege to care for these beautiful animals, but YOU are the driving force behind everything we do. With your help, 2015 will be starting with a bang (yes, that’s a hint). We invite you to join us today and every day to Help A Horse (or 10). Come for a visit, volunteer your time, sponsor a horse, donate, and be a part of not only saving their lives but making them better. There are no sad stories here, only happy endings. Thank you for being a part of our family.