Welcome home, Jess

DSC_0605Four very short years ago TheraPony started as a simple school project by a young homeschooled girl eager to incorporate her new horse into her schooling. Since then, this tiny organization has undertaken a pretty mighty mission: to rescue and rehabilitate sick and abused horses. Now 15 years old, Anika, with the help of her family and the community, has changed the lives of 13 horses and counting.

It is our great pleasure to introduce to you our newest rescue, Jess. Jess was found as a stray and spent three months in a local shelter. She arrived here in poor condition, scoring 2/9 on the body condition scale, her gut filled with sand. We have had Jess here for two weeks now. She is clearing the sand out of her system and starting to gain weight and muscle. It is our hope that Jess will be one of the horses we can fully recover and place into a loving home. Her personality is pure gold. Her ground manners are impeccable, as for her saddle training, we are almost holding our breaths until she fills out enough to throw one on her and find out what she knows. But as with any horse we commit ourselves to, Jess has a home here at TheraPony for life, should she need it. Welcome home, Jess


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