Introducing Classy Cassie

CassieNot every horse has been abused or is bound for slaughter, two things that you often hear about a rescue horse. That is not the case with Cassie.

Cassie, a 15 year old WarmbloodX was forced to retire from a lesson program due to a recent injury and recurring issues with her legs. She has had several months of layup and daily care with hopes of recovering and rejoining the program. Known by passers-by with horses are “the grumpy mare”, Cassie’s patience and sweet dispositionĀ along with her size and ability to carry an adult made her the perfect beginner lesson horse. After it became apparent that the gentle giant would never be able to carry the full load required in the program, her owner took her best interest into consideration, and knowing that we have a soft spot for the BIG girl, asked us if we could give her a home.

Horses like Cassie are quickly snatched up by back yard lesson programs or horse flippers. The horses are usually run into the ground. Because they are inexpensive to acquire and replace, these horses are used up and passed along. Cassie’s owner did not want that for her. What she wanted for Cassie was a retirement, with a girl and family of her own.

While we are not yet sure what her full riding potential will be, Cassie is quickly learning that her working days are over. She loves the attention, snacks, and buckets given by the children. She nickers for them as they walk by. She is enjoying quiet snuggles. She is enjoying being a pet.

Welcome to the family, Cassie!


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