I am a TheraPony horse

IMG_6179I had a name. I had a home. I had a groomer of my own.
I worked so hard, I gave my all. I ran, I jumped, I did not fall.
But then one day the trouble came. I grew too old for show and fame.
My knees grew weak, my back got sore. I couldn’t jump, not anymore.
I traded hands, from home to home. They said “forever”, they were wrong.
I ponied kids, I trail rode, I gave and gave, my body slowed.
The vet, the ad, the trailer ride. “Companion home” that sounds all right.
I met new friends, some young, some old. We are a herd, that’s what I’m told.
The hay comes in, I wait to eat. But I’m too old, they push past me.
The rain, the cold, dispersal sale. I stand and wait. My knees, they fail.
I’m old, I’m feeble, I’m alone. Can I survive here on my own?
This fate befalls so many friends who gave and gave until the end.
But as for me, I’m tucked in tight with blanket and my mash at night.
My knee still hurts, my back is weak, but vet is called when I get sick.
I plan to live forever here. No work, demands, abuse, or fear.
I may be old, but I am proud. My head held high, I prance around.
I have my very own girls who love and hug me all day long.
I play with them, I watch them grow. This SANCTUARY is my own.
I won’t be sold, I won’t be lost. They fight for me at any cost.
I’m loved forever, not “for now”. They say I’m priceless, anyhow.
And when the time comes to depart, the next to own me will be GOD

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