Lend a Hand, Help a Horse

TheraPony is committed to providing forever homes to our beloved animals. That means a lot of love, quite a bit of hay & feed, new pairs of horseshoes, and the occasional vet bill. Our special group of horses each have their own issues, which is why many of them were given away in the first place. We love providing for them, but those vet bills can get steep, and any kind of help – from a few hours of volunteer work to feed/supplements or good old cash – really helps. Anything you can give, whether it’s time, love, or a few bucks here and there, goes directly to the animals and is incredibly appreciated.

TheraPony is also welcoming sponsors; companies and individuals are invited to sponsor a horse, animal, or the whole barn; contact Lana for more information and how we can build a partnership.

Keep an eye out for our feature article in the October 2011 edition of California Riding Magazine!


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